Our Mission
  • Back Pain

  • Neck Pain

  • Joint Pain

  • Fall/Injury Prevention

  • ​Women's Health Services

  • Modalities

  • Pediatric Physical Therapy

  • Strength Training

  • ​Pain Management

  • Sports Injuries

  • Auto Accidents

  • Work Related Accidents

  • and much more

Our mission is to assist people in living healthier and more active lives. We strive to improve overall health by addressing and treating the causes of pain, immobility and inactivty. Additionally, Elmwood Orthopedic Rehabilitiation Center, Inc. works to incorporate the best aspects of both Eastern and Western workable treatments. From Yoga and Shiatsu Massage to Nautilus fitness equipment and Pilates, we accomplish this not only with the individual, but the entire community as well. Our goal is to expand the modalities of Physical Therapy into practical life activities that have been proven to maintain strong flexible bodies. 

The Role of Physical Therapy
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 Providing the Highest Quality

Outpatient Care for You and Your Family

We’re a hard-working, well-respected and experienced physical therapy practice in our 16th year of business. We work to make the community and its surrounding area a more healthy and enjoyable place. We love what we do and believe we can make a huge difference in your life. Whether you're suffering from an acute or chronic condition, we want to accompany you on the road to recovery.  Whatever your condition, we can provide a valuable contribution to improving your overall health.

Physical Therapy is a branch of medical science which educates people about their anatomy and physiology, and improves their quality of life through strength, mobility and functionality treatments. The most common misconception about Physical Therapy is that you should only see a physical therapist when you are hurt or recovering from surgery. Understanding your body - its strengths and weaknesses before you get hurt can, in fact, reduce the chances of injury, especially work related or stress related injuries from simply daily activities.